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Labesto Oy is a company operating in the greater Helsinki area.  We specialise in inspections and surveys, which are conducted on various types of real estate. We have expertise in asbestos surveys, moisture surveys, indoor air quality testing (humidity, carbon dioxide, temperature) and concrete technical testing and research. We have our own asbestos testing laboratory where we can reliably analyze the samples in timely manner.  We are certified with BOHS Profiency Certificate in P401 - Indentification of Asbestos Bulk Samples (PLM) .


Our experts will inspect and analyse your property for sufficient ventilation/ air conditioning, structural dampness or whether  there is hazardous materials included in the building materials, such as asbestos or Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

Good quality, healthy indoor air is a basic right for all of us.  If you think that your home or workplace has issues with the indoor air quality, please contact us for a survey.  We will provide a written report for all our services which will help you to plan and proceed with your project without unexpected or hidden costs.


We ensure that our skills are up to date by continuously training our staff. Our office is located in Tapaninvainio, northern Helsinki.

If you have a question regarding real estate surveys, Labesto is the answer you are looking for!


Jari Huotari


010 524 8001

Moisture surveys

Laboratory services

Kare Seppi


010 524 8002

Asbestos and hazardous materials surveys